Buzztm FAQs


1. IT are talking about mobile web solutions – why do we need an app?

Will this approach deliver a user experience that employees love?
80% of usage on mobile devices is spent in apps versus 20% on the mobile web.
These figures are driven by the superior user experience of mobile apps. Which side of the equation do you want your mobile solution to be on?


2. Aren’t apps expensive and time consuming?

Not with Buzztm’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that enables the rapid creation and maintenance of native Apple & Android mobile apps by in-house non-technical people with minimal training, without utilizing expensive IT/development resources. We’ll work with you to define the scope of your app and on that basis provide you with a fixed cost project inclusive of consultancy, app creation, training, launch plan, data hosting and ongoing technical updates and support.


3. How long will it take?

App can typically be live in just 4-6 hours or sooner. Where all the content is readily available we have even turned around a basic app in a couple of days.


4. Will it work on everyone’s phone and tablet?

We have developed user interfaces for phones and tablets to take advantage of each device’s screen size.


5. What skills do I need to use Buzztm?

You do not need any design or coding skills. All the heavy lifting work is done for you by us. All you need is just basic computer skills similar to working with power point presentation tool.


6. Why should I build my own app?

A mobile app can create an increase in sales, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and customer engagement. It ensures repeat customers, and can have many other benefits. The potential of an app is valuable and extremely cost effective.
Additionally, mobile technology is growing very fast, and already overtakes desktop use in many aspects . If you want to connect with your customers, mobile is the most popular channel of the moment.


7. I own a small business. Can I afford it?

Yes. Absolutely. The whole idea behind Buzztm is to make smart digital marketing affordable to small business. Through its unique authoring tools and SaaS platform, Buzztm creates opportunities for companies to create new business models and deeper relationships that cultivate loyalty and lead to increased revenue and profitability.


8. I’m not a developer. Can I work with Buzztm?

Yes, no programming knowledge is required to use Buzztm. It is designed so that everyone can work with it.


9. My question has not been answered, what should I do?

Feel free to contact us so we can answer your questions personally.


10. What are the benefits of having a mobile app?

Mobile apps provide a much faster alternative than mobile web browsing. Web browsing requires a user to launch a web browser, enter an URL and wait for the site to load ( Also providing your competitors on search engines). However, it only takes a second to launch a mobile app because the majority of the information is stored in the application itself making it easy, accessible, and possible to function offline.


11. Can I make changes to my app after it’s submitted?

Yes. You can do changes any day anytime.


12. I am not very well-versed with technology. How do I handle my own App?

Well, we are techies to the core. Buzztm takes care of the technology from the start to finish, and periodical maintenance. We have apt management tools and CMS (Content Management System).


13. What are the actual steps to building an app?

With app building software, a process that is supposed to take weeks can be done in an afternoon. Essentially, you determine what your app should focus on, edit your content and then customize your app appearance. Once you’ve done that, you’ll preview (typically live, to make sure the app is working properly) and then publish your app.


14. What does “Click” mean?

Clicks: Action of clicking the link and landing onto the homepage before converting to an App; Once the App is created, all interactions & access to server based on our feed doesn’t count towards clicks.


15. How does a SME/Retail use Buzztm?

  • Retailers not able to reach & convert consumers effectively through the traditional methods (print flyers, sms, email, display ads); Very bad experience doesn’t interest smartphone users and hence low conversion.
  • Big money per month being spent by retail on traditional channel with very low ROI of 0.5 %
  • Enter Buzztm.
  • Retailer builds visually stunning digital campaign (product offers/promotions/loyalty…) with clear “Call to Actions” like call now, buy, visit my website etc…on his own (or with buzztm assistance) within 15 minutes;
  • The campaign is bundled as an App/website and served as content in whatever channel the customer is living online, including Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS, etc at the right moment (triggered by search/other events).
  • Through Buzztm Intelli SEO, the link also appears when consumers does local search on google/others
  • When consumers touches the link/image, it becomes an interactive beautiful without the need to download.
  • Consumer can view the entire product promotion App in 10 secs and take action immediately (call/buy/video)
  • Business can update products every day/week and engage with the customers through social wall feature.
  • Business uses the Buzztm lead generation feature for all customer lead follow ups and closing.


16. What are the benefit of Buzztm to retailers & consumers ?


• The SME can develop the right marketing content rapidly within 15 minutes and distribute it as a beautiful mobile App at the right moment to right people (Mobile moments)

• App content discoverable through both push & pull through search engine Intelli SEO. Lead generation !!

• 3 combo pack – App, website & marketing promotion for retailers

• Double the conversion rate and grow business for a very affordable cost.


• Receive only relevant promotions/offers through digital channels (SMS/Email/social/display) that converts to stunning & light App experience with out the need to download App.


17. How is Buzztm Unique & Disruptive?

• Replaces mobile native apps and websites for retailers with absolutely no coding or no downloads required

• Attractive marketing tool for large brands to reach out & engage with consumers during their mobile moments – a promotional teaser for consumers before they come to the brand’s website or App.


What are the 4 simple steps of Buzztm?


STEP 1: Build a beautiful campaign (App Experience) through an Authoring Tool

Build and manage a SEO enabled Beautiful campaign for your business in just 15 minutes. No design agency or engineer required.

STEP 2: Update your campaign Daily. Go online

Regularly update the campaign & other social media with new products, promotions & offers through a single window.

STEP 3: Get your campaign discovered

Get your campaign discovered by both push (sent as a link, image, geolocation or embed, fully portable) and pull (App will be discovered in online search results) mechanisms

STEP 4: Start Generating Leads

Improve customer walk-ins, leads and sales through your own mobile optimized campaign with beautiful App experience